RNASeq-MATS:Multivariate Analysis of Transcript Splicing

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给大家推荐一款最新在Nucleic Acids Research上发表的基于转录组数据分析可变剪接的软件。下面是官方网扎你上的介绍。

MATS is a computational tool to detect differential alternative splicing events from RNA-Seq data. The statistical model of MATS calculates the P-value and false discovery rate that the difference in the isoform ratio of a gene between two conditions exceeds a given user-defined threshold. From the RNA-Seq data, MATS can automatically detect and analyze alternative splicing events corresponding to all major types of alternative splicing patterns.

Multivariate Analysis of Transcript Splicing


Shen S., Park JW., Huang J., Dittmar KA., Lu ZX., Zhou Q., Carstens RP., Xing Y. MATS: A Bayesian Framework for Flexible Detection of Differential Alternative Splicing from RNA-Seq Data. Nucleic Acids Research, 2012;40(8):e61 doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr1291





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